Monday, March 7, 2011

The stages of dating by JZZRGRL

Hello ladies and gentlemen. It is Monday morning in Chicago and there is no snow on the ground. Were you classy ladies and gentlemen over the weekend? I certainly was a good lady, had some drinks and dinner with two of my best guy friends and got caught up at 2303. Very nice.

So I was out with one of my besties on Saturday night (love you DW). And we were talking about my various categories for men that I have dated and it got me to thinking about it. The funny thing was he added a category which I thought was very appropriate. SO here we go!

1. DEAD TO ME. Well, you all know and love this category. This is a special category reserved for those BOYS (not gentlemen) who I never care to speak to or see again in my life...Mr. Big, Napa, Dallas, the one that broke up with me on Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, these are the ones that tend to be the boomerang boyfriends as well (no matter how many times you throw them away, they keep coming back). Well, we have a new contender for this special category...Harvard. Yes, you read right, remember back about a year ago, I had high hopes for this BOY. Well after several insulting text messages about the car I drive, I think he is ready for this category. And I quote "Sex in the City Brand Conscious Broke Consumers" drive your car. NICE.

2. DEAD TO my pants. Ok, this is reserved for those guys that I know and love, who are either ex-boyfriends that I don't hate or are good friends. There are plenty of GENTLEMEN in this catgeory...Houston, the 29 year old, Pancake Pants, the Big Haitian, Libertyville, DW, Levy, my ex-BF the Irish guy. This category is reserved for guys that I still want to be friends with, I just don't want to sleep with you. Sorry!

3. And the NEW category is DEAD TO my pants, but in an emergency you will do! :) I love this one. DW came up with this one. And yes, there are 2-3 of the gentlemen in the DEAD TO my pants category that could move here. But NO ONE from the first category will ever be allowed to move into this one. See, it's like a Monopoly game, do not pass, do not collect $100.

So there is a new gentlemen in the mix ladies and gentlemen. And this JZZRGRL really likes him. Let's just call him HT (Hawkeye Time) since he is a big college football fan and went to school there. I am not giving any more details, I don't want to jinx it. So have a FAB week ladies and gentlemen, hope my post gave you a little humor this week.

Cheers and CIAO BELLAS!

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