Saturday, March 26, 2011

Everyone needs a full length mirror...

Hello lades and gentlemen, greetings from lovely Scottsdale, AZ. Having a great time with 3 classy girls and we have decided to call our trip Abstinence in the Desert. And of course, everyone is keeping it classy. We went to a Cubs Spring Training game yesterday and of course there was a lot of bad fashion on the lawn. And so my girl Sam and I were discussing the topic of full length mirrors. And here it goes, we have decided that every single person in the world needs a full length mirror in their house. And ladies seriously, before you leave the house, please use it. It might avoid problems like this...

1. An older women wearing a bikini top with pleated khaki shorts at the Cubs Spring Training game, who was not the size or the age to wear it...think grey hair. AND she had her wristlet around her waist like a fanny pack (there is NEVER a time that a fanny pack is OK). If she had checked her full length mirror before leaving the house, she might have re-thought the outfit.

2. Or the woman wearing a full ON bikini at the game. First of all sweetie, this isn't the pool. And while she had a very nice body, perhaps a full length mirror might have made her realize she was going to a baseball game instead the beach.

3. OR the woman on the plane on Wednesday night/Thursday AM wearing a skin tight gold dress with glitter tights and teal Ferragamo flats...hmmm, the whole outfit was a disaster, but if she used a full length mirror she might realize that not only was the outfit ridiculous, it was not appropriate for a flight to Phoenix.

I could go on and on with the bad fashion that we have encountered in the last two days. But ladies (and gentlemen) seriously, this is the message today...invest in a full length mirror. You can find them at any WalMart for like $5. When you leave the house, USE IT, once, maybe twice. Ask yourself if you look appropriate for the place you are going, if you have dressed for your body type and have the appropriate undergarments on.

Well the ladies are off to shop today. So enjoy your weekend, use your full length mirror, eat, drink, be merry and keep it classy.


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