Saturday, April 2, 2011

No self respecting female...

Hello ladies! Happy Spring. I have returned from the desert and am back in Chicago. Unfortunately, Chicago has decided to skip Spring this year and we are still getting cold weather and of course, my Cubbies lost yesterday in their home opener. Well, this post is a follow up to the October 5, 2009 post regarding hair color. OH ladies seriously, as we have discussed, there is no shame in the game of coloring your and I would contend that no self respecting female wears her natural hair color.

As requested my little spies (thanks LT) out on the streets have started sending me pictures of offenders of the ladies seriously rules of hair, clothes, shoes, makeup, etc...And we have a new winner! LADIES, don't ever do this to your hair, seriously white blonde streaks over this reddest color? What is she trying to accomplish here?

So as I have mentioned, if you are going to color your hair (and unless you were naturally blessed with FAB hair color, I would recommend that you do), please make sure it looks somewhat natural, matches your skin tone and matches your eyebrows.

Don't ever color your hair easter egg blue or Husker red...unless you are rock star, I mean Katy Perry, Pink and Rihanna CAN get away with it. But even those ladies need to only keep that crazy color for a short amount of time. Rihanna! The red is over, find something new.

Highlights are fine if they are enhancing your natural color or current color, but they should never mimic a skunk like this lady!

Platinum blonde only looks good on a handful of people, so unless you are Marilyn Monroe or Gwen Stefani, steer clear. AND unless you are fabulous like my girl the redhead, two different hair colors on one head usually don't look good.

And lastly, hair color from a box works for some, but be careful, start by matching your natural and take one or two steps from there and test before you do the whole head. My recommendation would be simply to go to the salon, but if the box makes more sense financially for you, just be careful. I don't want you looking like Katy Perry on accident.

So ladies seriously, color away, but keep these rules in mind! Have a great weekend, eat, drink and be merry...keep it classy.


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