Friday, December 2, 2011

Ladies! You are fabulous, please love yourself!

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Happy know what I mean, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa...etc. I trust that you are all in the full swing of holiday buying, decorating and celebrating with class. Well, I made last Monday my own cyber Monday, thanks to (god bless you), I got all of my shopping done and didn't pay a dime in shipping. Cuz, there just isn't anything that I need to go to the store for and plus I might become angry JZZRGRL (like I did at Target the other day when THREE lanes all had price checks, coupons and other FUNKY stuff going on, and I just wanted my cheap eyeliner and mascara...yes, that's right I buy my eye makeup at Target and I LOVE IT). So I figure I might as well have kept it classy and shopped at home with my wine and my slippers.

Friday was Holiday Martinis with the Southern, my Mattie, a sorority sister and the Jayhawk couple. We had a blast, nothing like being silly and singing really loud to annoy everyone at the bar while watching Christmas Vacation, Christmas Story and Bad Santa!

So, what is this subject today, JZZRGRL? Well I recently participated in a Pathways seminar. It lasted the whole weekend. And it is an empowerment type of seminar designed to help people find balance and their path in life (great cause, right?). And I met some great people, but this is what made me SO sad, SO many people don't like themselves. And most of those people are women. And well, you know me, I am my own biggest fan (besides my mom and my OUTSTANDING fan club, you know who you are). And it is so hard for me to understand why these cute, intelligent, well put together women don't like themselves. I hope that I had just a little bit of influence on them, and I know from further emails with the group that these women are making strides, which is awesome. Ladies seriously, you are all wonderful, powerful, intelligent women. If you are dealing with some stuff, get some help, talk to someone, there is no reason why you can't make your life everything you want it to be.

So in the spirit of the holiday season, ladies and gentlemen seriously, tell the people that are close to you that you love them and support them. Smile, spread good cheer, help people feel good about themselves during the holidays. This is an especially difficult time of year for many people, whether they have lost a loved one, a job or are just struggling. I know it sounds a little Tony Robbins of me to say it, but pay it forward, send out good karma!

Next weekend is the gorgeous redhead's annual holiday party, YOU KNOW, I will have updates after that, since I have them every year. It is always a good time with a lot of ladies seriously issues! So make it a classy week!


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