Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Ladies Seriously Highlights and Lowlights

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the moment you have ALL been waiting for...the JZZRGRL Ladies Seriously highlights and lowlights of 2011. I thought it would be appropriate to do these on the day of GOOD RIDDANCE as it is officially called. In New York City, they set up shredders in Times Square so that you can shred bad memories. Well, unfortunately, for this lady, 2011 was FULL of memories that need to be shredded. SO HERE WE we always start with the bad news first.

Lowlights of 2011

10. Yucky surgery in August coupled with a hospital bill of $3500.
9. Receiving NOT ONE, BUT TWO notices from one of my facilities saying pay up on your back rent, or move out (we have worked it out, but it wasn't fun).
8. Hearing that my only living grandma broke her hip on the same day that a friend of my parents had committed suicide.
7. Having my company tell me twice that they can't pay me my full paychecks (In June and September through December)
6. Having to do a mortgage loan modification with Citimortgage (see NUMBER 7)
5. Having my car broken into within the same month that I had to replace damaged floor tiles at one center and dealing with crap at another center.
4. Once again, having my Jazzercise business down in revenue, ONLY 1% down this year.
3. Having my credit rating drop 200 points in 4 months and having to deal with bill collectors for the first time in my LIFE.
2. Realizing that my parents were having a similar year to me...
1. AND YES, you KNEW this was the lowlight, being broken up with on email and having him act like I was just stupid high school girl that wouldn't leave him alone, when I was actually his girlfriend.

Highlights of 2011
10. Anti-Valentines Day, Derby De Mayo, Windy City Wine Festival and Holiday Martini outings with my friends...yes, this lady does a lot of organizing around alcohol.
9. Thanksgiving in AZ with my family.
8. Sugarland Concert with the Southern, Bodeans and Jim Gaffigan with my Mattie.
7. Rooming with my bestie in AZ for a sorority meeting, she was VERY pregnant and I was VERY heart broken.
6. Halloween outing with a dear sorority sister and then out with the redhead and friends...SO FUN!
5. Finally meeting someone who I actually liked/loved for more than 5 mins (unfortunately, it didn't last, see NUMBER ONE lowlight).
4. Realizing that my family and friends are so amazing, I couldn't have made it without them and meeting some new friends (Pittsburgh, that's you!)
3. Meetings and chapter visits with volunteer leaders and sorority sisters, you ladies make it ALL worth it.
2. My abstinence in the desert outing to AZ with 3 girlfriends in March.
1. MY TRIP TO PARIS FOR my 40th BDAY. Might possibly be the HIGHLIGHT of my life. So amazing, so lucky to have been able to do that.

Well ladies and gentlemen seriously, as you can see, it was not a GREAT year for me, in fact, it could possibly be in the top 5 worst of my life (and yes that includes the year I got a divorce). But I am READY to turn the page to 2012 and hope that brings a lot better circumstances...only way is UP from here.

And yes, New Years Eve is upon us. So once again, eat, drink, be merry and keep it classy. I am looking forward to a fun evening with one of my besties, my Mattie. I get to wear a skirt that I haven't had on since 2001...!! Poor man is starting to sweat the agreement is that he has to marry me if I am not married by the age 45, UM, my 41st BDAY is in April ;) Should be a fun weekend, gonna see some family on Sunday and see friends on pretend New Year's Day (January 2nd), when I plan to cheer my Huskers on to victory! Go Big Red. Happy New Years ladies and gentlemen seriously...looking down our THIRD year of this blog. Still very fun, thank you for reading.


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