Monday, December 19, 2011

A bit holiday wisdom from this past weekend...

Happy Holidays ladies and gentlemen! Did you keep it classy over the weekend? Unfortunately, JZZRGRL is here to report that there are those that did NOT keep it classy, but we will get to that in a moment. So there was lots of fun to be had over the weekend for JZZRGRL. On Friday, the Paris Sconi was in town, so I got to do fun Xmas stuff in Chicago. The Christmas Trees Around the World at MOSI, champagne at the Palmer House Hilton Bar (complete with carolers and a tree), windows at Macys, drinks and a Scotch Egg at the Gage, a great dinner at Rhapsody and then holiday martinis at the Blue Line. WOW... So here is the takeaways from that:
NOTE TO MACYS: you silly New Yorkers come in and take over our CHICAGO store (Marshall Fields) and you simply just made it SUCK. Hey Macys, get better Christmas windows, the ones you have now are L-A-M-E.
NOTE to JZZRGRL, a THIRD Grinch Martini is NEVER a good idea.

On Saturday evening, the southern and I went to the gorgeous redhead's house for her annual holiday party. Always entertaining and lots of fun. Some of the same people that were out with us on Halloween were there as well. FOR THE MOST PART, no one was too drunk and we just danced and had a great time. One quick exception, OK, you might remember our incident with the young lady that fell asleep at the bar at the Derby De Mayo party, well, let's just say, this young lady must have trouble holding her alcohol, because she was a hot mess at this party as well. I believe the southern noted her making out with some random guy at the end of the party.
NOTE to HOT MESS: Learn to sip!

Also, on Saturday evening, a good friend (who shall remain nameless, you know who you are), chose to bail out on friends to go on a date with someone. And while I could sit here and argue with everyone on the pros and cons of this, let's just say JZZRGRL and the southern were not happy with the friend. This date had NOT been planned for several weeks, as of mid day on Saturday, it was my understanding that said friend was still coming to the party with NOTE to SAID FRIEND: it is never ever ever OK to bail on friends for a date. Nuff said.

On Saturday afternoon, I was texting with another guy friend about his date to his company Christmas party. Now, he has only been out with this woman 5-6 times and he invited her to the party, which I personally feel is a mistake (but you know how are these kids going to learn if they don't make their own mistakes ;). And his date proceeded to get VERY drunk and throw up in his car. And still wanted to go out her after that, hey I give him credit for his commitment.
But anyway, I know this is probably obvious BUT NOTE to FRIEND's DATE: OHHH, it is SOOO uncool to get falling down drunk at someone else's company Christmas party and then puke in his car. WOW!

So it is almost time for us all to tap out and spend time with friends and family for Christmas and Hanukkah. You know my mantra, eat, drink, be merry, keep it classy and don't karate chop any family members ;). Have a great holiday season, stay tuned next week for the Ladies Seriously Highlights and Lowlights of 2011!


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