Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sports - It's Just a Game, Have Some Class

Hello ladies and gentlemen.  Have you melted yet?  Special shout out to my ladies in Wicker Park who have been Jazzercising with me this week with no AC....yep, you read it right.  Dancing in the heat.  I thought I was going to fall out last night, but we made it.  And we have two more classes this week.  I hope that even though it is hot, you are still keeping it classy with your clothing :)

So I had the pleasure of seeing my niece and nephew this past weekend.  And I also got to see them play baseball and softball.  Both of them did a great job, they are both little athletes.  But let me tell you, some of those parents need to take a chill pill.  I am always AMAZED when I see pictures of parents freaking out at kids sports games.  Yes, sports can be intense (I mean, I usually pace when I watch Husker games, ask RCH Jr, he has seen it), but ladies and gentlemen seriously... it really is JUST a game.  And these kids are out there trying their hardest, calm down.  No need to yell at the ref or ump or yell at your kid.  Sometimes you lose the game and sometimes you don't get the call, but that's life and trust me, your kid isn't going to die because he/she lost a baseball/basketball/football game.  Wins and losses are a way of life.  And sometimes it stinks.  Part of being a classy parent is keeping it under control.  My sister and brother in law certainly are classy, good parents, but I can't say that for others that I observed over the weekend.

Fortunately, I didn't see too many fashion victims while at the games and let me tell you, it was hot. Maybe because I was in conservative Kansas... :)

So short and sweet this week.  Happy to say that I am changing jobs with Gamma Phi Beta, moving on to a regional director position.  And if you had to pick ONE region that would be appropriate for JZZRGRL, which area would say?  The one with wine country you say???  You guessed right.  So I will be managing a great group of regional coordinators in region 8 - the Northwest.  Part of being classy and self aware is knowing when you need a change and I had reached that point with my previous position.  So I am excited for my new venture.

So ladies and gentlemen, keep it classy and remember it is just a game.  Keep cool out there and remember your fashion mantras from me....Keep them covered, keep the girls up and out, wear the right panties and no rubber flip fops.

....Keep your chin, your heels and your standards high.

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