Thursday, August 1, 2013

Celebrate the Women in your Life

G'day ladies and gentlemen...ah, the Aussies in my office are wearing off on me!  Happy summer to everyone.  Hope you are all keeping it classy.  So I am reminded that today is National Girlfriends Day, and what better way to be classy than to remind the girlfriends in your life how special they are.  One of the things that we talk about a lot at dear ol' Gamma Phi Beta is the idea of gracious living.  This includes manners but also includes sending out positive messages to the women and men in your life that do something special for you.  And that special something could simply be .... being your in life.  So many times, we, as women spend time cutting each other down and we don't do a good enough job of supporting one another.  So, I am here telling you to take the time to shoot a text message if you want to remind people that they are special.  Trust me, not only will it make the other person feel great but you will as well.

Gentlemen, this includes you as well.  When was the last time you thanked your Mom or your Sister for being fabulous...or your wife or your girlfriend for that matter.  DO IT, they will probably be floored and honored.

Can you tell that I have been doing a lot of self reflecting lately?  I am finding that sometimes when your relationships are not giving you what you want, you need to reflect on what you are sending out there.  The energy that you put out is many times reflected back at you.  So if things are not going right, perhaps it is time to evaluate yourself first.

BOY, I am philosophical today, aren't I?  Well, short and sweet today.  Enjoy the balance of your summer.


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