Thursday, August 15, 2013

Would you go under the knife?

Hello ladies and gentlemen.  Hope you are all having a wonderful, classy summer.  The other day a friend shared a story with me about someone he knew that had had some plastic surgery.  And based on the story, the person wasn't forthcoming about the surgery, it got me thinking about the decision to have plastic surgery.

Let's face it, the majority of people receiving plastic surgery in this world are American women.  I am not the type of person that makes a judgment on someone who has surgery as it is a very personal decision.  Heck, I would love to suck out some of the fat out of my bootie and put it in my chest, BUT ALAS, I would prefer to spend the money on shoes or handbags.  I have another friend who lost over 100 pounds and after having kept the weight off for 5+ years, she decided to have the surgery to have the extra skin removed.  And the thing that I loved about her decision was that the decision was for her ONLY.  She was smart about it, made sure she could keep the weight off, she had been in counseling....and let me tell you, she looked FAB!

And so I guess my point, ladies seriously (and even you gentlemen), if you decide to have some type of surgery, make sure the decision is for you and not for what someone else wants.  Many women choose to have their breasts enhanced, which is fine, but make sure that you want those bodacious ta-tas for you and not for your husband, boyfriend (girlfriend), etc (of course, they will get the benefits).  The sad story is that some women choose to get surgery in order to get more attention from men (which usually does happen), but I would sure love for those same ladies to get attention from men because they are AWESOME and happen to have great boobs.

And one last thing, if you do decide to get surgery, OWN IT!  Don't be embarrassed that you have bigger boobs/smaller tummy/smaller bootie/a different nose, heck, you paid for them.  BE PROUD!  And if the doctor did a good job....all the better.

So ladies and gentlemen seriously, my underlying message here is that it is classy to have positive body image, no matter, if it is natural or not.  Be proud of how you look.  And if you don't like how you look, do something about it.  Whether, it means diet, exercise or surgery, please be healthy about how you do.

Case in point, I have gained almost 20 pounds of "relationship" weight, thanks RCH Jr!  And it was time to do something about it, so I went back on my trusty Isagenix and I am down about 12 pounds in a 5 weeks.  Just about 8 left to go.  YAY.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.  Keep it classy!


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