Thursday, August 29, 2013

Twerking? Really ladies?

Hello ladies and gentlemen!  Hope all is well with all of you.  School is getting back in the swing and all of the little people are heading back.  And of course, the big little people as well are heading back to college.

So this week, one of my friend's husbands wanted to know my opinion of Miley's performance on the VMAs, which of course, is what everyone is talking about, right?  Honestly, ladies and gentlemen, I haven't watched, I am sure I would be disappointed.  Apparently, grinding is now twerking...who knew?

So I guess my statement or opinion on this whole thing is that I think it is sad that our young women in this world think that being trashy and acting inappropriately makes you sexy.  Not sure that Miley is overly worried about everyone is talking about her and she has a new album coming out.  But I am talking mostly about our young ladies, college age to 30s.  These ladies think that girls gone wild, getting crazy drunk and acting generally trashy makes them sexy and makes men want to talk to them.  Yes, men talk to them, but not for the right reasons.

Ladies, being sexy is all about your attitude, not about how trashy you can be.  Ask a man who he thinks is sexy and he will tell you people like Eva Mendes.  Does she act trashy?  Nope, she is a confident, beautiful woman, who dresses appropriately, doesn't have her bootie or boobies out, and she acts appropriately.  Ladies seriously, acting trashy attracts the wrong type of people to you.  Love yourself and dress appropriately and the right people will think you are sexy.

It makes me sad that our young ladies are not confident enough in themselves in this day and age.  Public service announcement WARNING:  ladies and gentlemen seriously, if you know a young lady who acts inappropriately and dresses trashy, perhaps coaching that young lady into being proud of who she is will help you to be the change agent she needs.  Let's tell our young ladies that they are OK just the way they are.  :)

Well, that's all I have today ladies and gentlemen seriously.  I am happy to say I am getting ready to travel Tahiti this time in October.  Super fun part of my job.  My sister and brother in law are heading here over the weekend bringing my AWESOME niece and nephew to visit Chicago.  And my FAB parents are heading here in September as well.  So fun things coming up for SMB.

Continue to enjoy your summer!  Keep it classy!

...Keep your chin, heels and standards high....

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