Monday, July 27, 2009


Ok, I have to talk about it, tattoos, tats, body art, ink...whatever you want to call it. Tattooing has become so mainstream society that you cannot go out these days without seeing multiples on men and women alike, young and old. Now, I have no problem with ink, in fact, I have two myself, which I LOVE. The first one I got when I got my divorce (must have been feeling rebellious) and my second one I got recently to celebrate my one year anniversary of my ANTI-corporate job. And yes, my mom has seen both of them, I love it when I get the disapproving MOM SIGH...

FUNNY story...while the redhead and I were at a tattoo place recently, some guy comes in wanting a tattoo on his ribcage (OUCH!). He came in with his girlfriend (who BTW already had a tattoo). He wanted some buddhist proverb and he laid on the table...the artist started and got through one letter, the guy stopped him, it was too painful. DUDE, not a good idea! Now you have ONE letter on your chest, I am guessing it looks kind of DORKY.

One of my girlfriends, we have been friends for YEARS and we will call her Beverly, works in cosmetics (and is the best at getting me free stuff, THANK YOU!) Recently, she was asked by a colleague to help with the makeup at her future daughter in law's wedding. Apparently, the bride was a fair skinned blonde, who had a very large almost all black tatoo on her upper back. Poor Beverly had about 20 minutes to try to cover this thing, because the bride had chosen to wear her hair up and had a backless dress. This type of makeup, of course, is not a quick application, one coat has to dry for 20 minutes. Needless to say, my poor friend was stressed to the HILT and because she was not given enough time to cover this huge tattoo, she felt bad that it probably didn't look very good.

ANYWHOO!! Here is my point, ladies, seriously, ink is forever! Unless you want to go through the painful process of removing it. SO, here is the deal, if you have a tattoo that is in a place where you have to have heavy makeup to hide it for your MIGHT want to reconsider the size and/or placement of said tattoo. Use this rule of thumb, if you are embarrassed of it or you don't want to show your grandmother, DON'T get it. Tattoos are not cheap and hey they kind of hurt. Also, ladies, have some class and pick a design that is tasteful and representative of you. I have seen many men and women with some weird tattoos, like grown men with Tweetie Bird?? And on a side note, be careful of whose name you put on your, Johnny Depp, Winona Forever! Had to make it Wino Forever when they broke up, OOPS.

Hey, ladies, it's your life and your body...just make sure you are really POSITIVE about the placement and design of your ink.

Cheers and CIAO BELLAS.

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