Monday, July 20, 2009

TMT...Too Much Technology can lead to TMI or too little

Facebook, Twitter, Email, Texting...etc, etc. Technology has made it easier and easier to stay connected with our friends and family. Yes, I LOVE facebook (FB) and I just started twitter for the Jazzercise business. But whatever happened to picking up the phone! I KNOW, I KNOW, I hate talking on the phone just as much as you do, but ladies, if the only time you ever communicate with a guy (or a friend for that matter) is over TEXT message, something is not right. Technology can lead you down two different paths these days...Too Little Information or WAY Too Much Information.

Wireless phones seem to be the crux of the problem, and don't get me wrong, I am addicted to my Pink Blackberry Pearl and I am not suggesting that we all burn our phones like the progressive women burned their bras in the 60s, but I am just saying, guys get off WAY too easy by being able to TEXT us or FB us. Are we supposed to swoon over a smiley face icon or an XOXO on a TEXT message? And hey, I get it, maybe your guy is super busy at work (the biggest BS excuse EVER, but ANYWAY) and maybe he wants to send a quick TEXT to saying he thinking about you...that's cool. But if he only ever asks you out through a TEXT....then I am going to have to quote the bible again...He's Just Not That Into You. And honestly, if the guy can't talk on the phone to you, what kind of date is he going to be? I am guessing a DUD!

And then you have that too much information problem. BEWARE of the pocket dial!!! Recently, I heard a story about a guy who's phone pocket dialed a girl (and ex-girlfriend, with whom he was still friends and still trying to hook up with). The ex-GF got two messages at 2 AM on a Friday where the guy was ordering pizza with a girl who he had clearly just met and they were clearly at her apartment/condo, and then a follow up message of the guy having sex with the new girl. GUYS (and GIRLS), you might want to be careful about where you have your phone. The guy contacted the girl on Monday and had no idea...PLUS he tried to play off that he had missed her over the weekend. UM....LIAR, LIAR, pants on FIRE.

OH, and also, under the TMI label, ladies, please be careful about what you post on facebook, there are a lot of creepy people out there. Another note, I can't imagine any one person's life being so exciting that we all need to be updated every 2-3 hours, so don't bore everyone. And, please don't post anything that you wouldn't say to your mom or grandmother, BE a LADY and have some class...that goes for pictures TOO!

The bottom line is communication in person and/or over the phone is becoming a lost art. Ladies, seriously, don't let it die, have some class and call your friends (and your parents for that matter) every once in a while. And to be really DEEP and philosophical on Monday night...we are on the planet earth to appreciate, respect, communicate and love one another. So don't exist strictly in cyberspace!

And if a guy can only exist in cyberspace with you, he probably sucks in real life, so kick him to the curb and have fun with your girlfriends, guy friends or family in person!

Cheers and CIAO BELLAS!

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