Saturday, July 25, 2009

Men are EASY!

OK, so I went to see The Ugly Truth yesterday. And I must say that all women should see it because it is just as truthful about the actions of men and women as the bible....He's Just Not That Into You. Since many of you probably haven't seen it yet, I won't reveal too much, but Gerard Butler (who is yummy BTW) tells Katherine Heigl the basics of what men want...which is pretty much sex and hot women. And yes, he admits that there guys that act that that is not all they want it, but don't be fooled, in the end, they are all pretty much the same.

And let's face it ladies, men are easy! And if all you are looking for is a "good time", just act like you don't want them, don't need them and they will come running, plus dress a bit sassy (translation sexy, but not slutty, tasteful sleeveless top, skirt and heels) and you are golden. But caution, ladies, if you are looking for a boyfriend, or relationship, this might not be the best direction to take.

So back to the movie, Gerard gives her advice on how to get the hottie doctor who lives next door. So she (like so many women do) changes herself so that he will like her and it works! Why, because, stupid men are easy (yes, I said stupid). Stupid guys wants women that are compliant, don't criticize, dress sexy all the time, are Suzy sunshine all the time, like sports, etc (OK, well in a future blog post, we will talk about the sports issue).

Ladies, how many times have you acted like someone different to impress the hot guy at the bar, gym, church, etc? Afraid to be yourself, because he might not like the real you? And yes, at the beginning, it is fun to hang out with this hot conquest, but after a while, isn't it exhausting not being you? And then you figure out that the hot man is actually stupid OR not someone that you actually want to spend time with?

Wouldn't you rather be with someone wants to be with you when you are really YOU? Thinks you are hot in your sweats and tank top and still wants to have sex with you, because yep, these guys want the same thing as well? If that is the case, ladies, seriously, use the brain that you were given, and look a bit deeper than the hot guy at the bar (and I am not saying that the hot guy at the bar might not be the right guy, but the law of averages says...), yep, he is a blast, but you may have to look outside the box (or the guys that you usually date) to find someone who likes you for the crazy, neurotic, OCD person that you are...well, I may be describing myself, but you get the point. Stay tuned tomorrow for a way to find that different guy!

Cheers and CIAO BELLAS!

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