Thursday, February 4, 2010

Here a little road rage, there a little road rage, everywhere a little road rage!

So you can't really live in downtown Chicago without having a little road rage. But, yesterday I was struck by how inconsiderate, arrogant and ignorant many people can be when they get behind the wheel. Am I the only person that believes that you should still be a classy, considerate person when driving? And I know those of you out there that have ridden with me would say...I am a fairly aggressive driver and I am one of those people that rides up beside a long line of cars and merges in at the last minute, but you know what, I NEVER cut someone off, I take my opportunity to make a lane change and I do it, I don't sit there blocking the traffic behind me expecting someone to let me in.

So, it got me to thinking about those VERY inconsiderate and stoopid things that ladies and gentlemen do while at the wheel and I thought I would share my thoughts:

1. The gradual lane change. OK, really? If you are driving in traffic and need to make a lane change do it, don't ride the line or take 1-2 minutes to get over. Inconsiderate!

2. Slow drivers in the fast lane. These are the people that want to make a point that they are ONLY going to drive the speed limit and if you want to go faster, you need to go around them. Ok, but how about the signs that say Slower Traffic Move to the Right...those signs aren't for you? Everyone is entitled to go their own comfortable speed, but please, be a dear and move over for those that want to go faster than you. If they get a speeding ticket, guess what, it is not your problem slow drivers.

3. People that run the red light and then block the intersection for the cars going the other way. This usually happens in the city during rush hour. But really, your time is that much more important that the other people waiting to go the other way that you need to block the intersection? It is simply dangerous, completely inconsiderate and arrogant.

4. People that think you are tailgating them so they slam on their brakes. This one defies all logic to me. If you think I am following you too closely, why would you slam on your brakes to increase the possibility of me rear-ending you, especially on the interstate? If you think I am truly following you too closely, get over...guess what it decreases the chances of someone rear-ending you which is ultimately what you are concerned about, right?

5. People that double park in alleys or some place where the cars cannot get by them. Once again, really? Is it SOOO difficult for you to find a parking space or someplace else to go so that you are not blocking all traffic? I especially love it when they double park, turn on their hazards and leave their vehicle. So you are stuck. It is rude and inconsiderate.

6. People who park leave 4-5 feet in front and in back of them. Guess what, if everyone parked fairly close together, we could probably fit 2-3 more cars along the street. And I know you are concerned about your bumper, but guess is a hazard of living in the city and if you don't wait your bumper to be marked up, don't park on the street, period. So, once again, be considerate for other drivers that want to park. OH and BTW, don't park by feel...if it takes 2-4 times to get into the space, so be it, what is 3 minutes extra out of your day?

7. LASTLY, and this one is my favorite, people who cross the street mid-block, with no crosswalk, while pushing a baby stroller. And many times stand in the middle of the street waiting for cars with their baby stroller. Are you SOOO lazy that you will risk the life of your child and cannot walk 1/2 block to a crosswalk to cross the street? I see this all the time on busy streets...what happens if a car can't get stopped in time? The stroller is in front of you so your baby will get hit it really worth it?

And guess what, I am an aggressive driver and yes, I speed and I merge at the last minute. But I never run a right light, I usually let people in who are trying to turn, and I never cut people off. I may be aggressive and drive fast, but I am considerate and like to think I am classy while behind the wheel. So ladies and gentlemen seriously, just because you have gotten behind the wheel of your car doesn't mean you get to abandon the concepts of being gracious and classy. And think a little safety first! Knock on wood, in the past 10 years, I have been in one small accident, I rear ended a cab driver, no damage to either car. So you can still be aggressive and be safe! Speeding tickets....I think 4 in the past 10 years, eh, not the best record...

So ladies, be classy at all times! Cheers and CIAO BELLAS!

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