Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen....introducing the poster child for classlessness....JOHN MAYER!

Ok, you knew I had to talk about this creep. He may be able to play the guitar and sing (and that is questionable), but class, he AIN'T GOT! Now, I know this interview was a while ago...but really dude? You are going to talk to about two beautiful actresses and your sex life with them to a national media outlet. It is NOT OKAY. If you live under a rock or just don't pay attention, here is the gist. John Mayer was doing an interview with Playboy magazine and talked about his sex life with both Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson. Now, I know that it is Playboy, but honestly, Playboy has more class than John Mayer. Gentlemen, really...classy gentlemen don't kiss and tell, especially not OVER twitter, facebook, texts from last night or the national media. And if it a woman that you really like, you shouldn't even share it over beers with your buddies.

And ladies, same goes for you...Really, Courtney Love, do we need to have a naked picture of you on twitter? Ladies, please don't share the intimate details of your sex life with everyone on twitter, facebook and whatever other public arena you like to use. It is just not classy at all. Now, I understand if you want to chat it up with your girlfriends about your sex life. I get it, trust me Smiles and the redhead know plenty about my various trysts, but keep that chatter between you and your besties and leave everyone else out. And for those of you looking to get jobs in the future, you probably don't want that hanging out in cyberspace, TRUST ME, future employers will find it.

And I am not telling you to go all prude and prissy, like we were taught we were supposed to be (or least I was, HEY I am from Nebraska, one of the reddest states in the whole US)...but what you do behind closed doors with your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend OR date for the night, is your business! Never has been my place to judge anyone's actions, decisions or life choices, as far as I am concerned, only one person gets to do that and HE lives upstairs. Just don't broadcast those decisions out for everyone. What if your grandmother saw that, would she be proud? I doubt it.

So after having recently watched the movie, Coco Before Chanel, I have decided that we are starting a new me the woman was an icon and a bastion of class and style. She started her own fashion label in Paris when women were only supposed to be seen, not heard and women were especially not allowed to own their own business. So when presented with a situation whether it be fashion or social, ask yourself, What would Coco do? OK, try it this weekend! I certainly will I have lots of opportunities.

Ladies and gentlemen have a fabulous weekend. Look for me at the BEP Concert on Saturday night. Next week I am headed to Vegas, I am thinking I need an on location post!

Cheers and CIAO BELLAS.

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