Monday, October 31, 2011

And another classy Halloween is in the record books...

Hello ladies and gentlemen, HAPPY HALLOWEEN. I hope you all enjoy your day of costumes and candy, wherever you are. Since last year, I skipped the Halloween celebration as my fabulous parents were in town, I thought I should tell you about my Halloween evening in Chicago. Once again, a classy, fabulous, fun evening out with friends. Halloween Saturday night in Chicago, just cracks me up, I mean, it doesn't get better than taking cab to dinner and seeing two guys crossing the street, one in a Rocky Balboa costume and one in an Elvis costume...Hilarious!

So we started the evening with about 20 of us at a Sushi Restaurant...BYOB. So fun, our poor servers, we were loud and having a great time. HEY, they got a good tip. And once again, NO ONE at our table was inappropriate or dressed like HO. Everyone was properly covered with fun costumes, like the redhead who was Rosie the Riveter or the cute blonde who was Miss Piggy. Hats off to one of my gay friends who went as Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous, yes, ladies, he wore heels. And then complained about it...welcome to our world. And me, well, I was dressed as Amy Winehouse, complete with the wig, the eye makeup and tattoo sleeves. It was great.

So yes,then we went to a regular hang out and again, I really didn't see inappropriate costumes, I was thoroughly impressed. One blondie was dressed as a Twister Game (short skirt) and she was walking around asking the guys to spin the wheel...but all in all, not bad. We danced the night away. Yep, I did some bar kissing with some fraterntiy looking dude with a backwards ball cap (don't know his name AND hate the backwards ball cap look...seriously?). The funny part was he kept asking for my number...didn't give it to me, UMMM, I will give you my phone number when you grow up and wear your hat the right way, goof.

No one in our group was too drunk or inappropriate, we just danced and had a great time once again. I just love that each year my friends know how to have fun on Halloween and still keep it classy! And when it was time for JZZRGRL to call it night (yes, I do know my limits), I walked out to the is close to impossible to get a cab at 2:30 AM on Halloween Saturday. But this classy gentlemen (who remembers chivlary is not dead), came up to me, asked where I was headed, gave him the cross streets, he was heading in the same general direction. And then he just ran off, so I thought to myself, well, guess I am still looking. Then a cab pulls up, and HE is in it. Tells me to get in and split the cab. SO THANK YOU, random classy dude for helping a girl out.

I was fortunate enough to have a good Nebraska sorority sister in town for the weekend, so she stayed with me. Great to catch up with her.

So we are into November. Almost time for my favorite holiday...Thanksgiving AND the best part is I get to be in ARIZONA this year for the holiday. Nothing says an awesome T-DAY like eating outside.


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