Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A ladies seriously FIRST...a guest blogger...

So I had a request from gentleman who wanted to give the ladies seriously audience something from the man's point of view. And honestly, he did a good job, so here you go!

Hey everyone “Pittsburgh” here. So being a random guy friend of Jzzrgrl’s, I get to hear (AKA IM via Skype) stories about the search for love and well I am also on a similar quest to find someone in my life. After many failed attempts and bad dates, I have turned to the online world of dating. And well I have found a lot of things on your profiles that, as a guy, drive me a tad nuts with you ladies. So I figured I would give you a heads up from a guy’s perspective on how to write a successful dating profile:

1. Username – I understand you are creative ladies but if your name contains the words “lonely”, “spoiled” or “bitch” chances are I do not want to date you.

2. Photos – Yes as a guy these are the first thing I look at. You do the same now get over yourself!!! So many errors here ladies. A. Keep them current, if you are in your mid 30’s and your pictures look to be mid 20’s we will assume they are just old. B. I’m not here to see the scenery on your vacation or your dog. I’m here to see you. C. Photos with other people are fine but please some just of you. If your bestie is in every picture how do I know which one you are? D. Photos with other guys. I will just assume you have had “relations” and he is not your brother. E. The weird duck face thing. Don’t do this, you are not seven and making faces is NOT sexy…

3. Location. Please if you are in a large city make mention of what neighborhood you are in. You may be cute but are you an hour in traffic cute?

4. Activities. I hate when you say “I like going out, but I also enjoy a night in”… This says absolutely nothing. You may as well just write how much you enjoy breathing and blinking while you are at it. There is only so much room to write, say something that counts.

5. Descriptions – Please be aware that the term “about average” is being used with great liberty. Relationships are built on honesty, don’t lie if you lie and you meet up with some guy chances are he will be looking at his watch real soon on the date.

6. Income – If you only make 30 grand why the hell are you saying you only date guys who make 75 plus? Really girls… real expectations please.

7. Keep it current – Your profile says how old you are so if you start your profile with “I’m a 28 yr old…” and if your profile says your 30 it’s a good indicator that you don’t pay much attention to it.

Now these are just some tips to help you find a quality classy dude. Please also be advised that, well there are d-bags out there ladies, and I’m sure you may have come across some by now. These are the types that lead off an email with “Hello Gorgeous…” and then go on to tell you nothing but about themselves… Also these are the types that will say they enjoyed reading your profile and you have a lot of similar activities. Have they given you an example? No, well guess what they have cut and pasted this same email to 50 girls. Trust me, this happens. You know how I know??? Well, No I haven’t done it; I luckily have a co-worker also trying online dating. She sends me this stuff and I can read thru B.S. for her. It amazes me what some people try. Learn to read between the lines ladies.

Well hopefully you have enjoyed reading this, found some humor and maybe go back and refresh those profiles. It will only help you find a better quality of guy at the end of the day. Stay Classy Ladies and Gentlemen...

VERY nicely put, I am impressed. Thanks Pittsburgh. BONSOIR, CHEERS AND CIAO BELLAS!

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