Thursday, October 27, 2011

Refreshing...a guy that actually did more of the talking...

Hello ladies and gentlemen...don't mean to disappoint, but it is JZZRGRL and not Pittsburgh. He is getting a big head from all of the positive comments from his post, so rest assured, we will ask him back as a guest blogger in the future. Thanks Pittsburgh.

Anyway, just got done with a trade show. And yes, the ladies fashions were a bit poor. I mean, one woman had on skin tight pants, that were about two inches too short with ugly shoes. Ladies seriously, find a good tailor! Which reminds me, I need to find a new one, still trying to find one that will take in all of my jeans, since they don't fit. That's right, I am down three sizes in jeans. OH BABY!

So it has been a bit busy in the "dating" scene for me, not sure I would call it dating, since people don't really date anymore. I finally hung out with the scocer player on Saturday night. We met a year ago and never could put our schedules together...and then of course, I met HT, so I wasn't interested. And now I am almost over being heart broken (I think). So we hung out, watched Bucky get beat by Sparty (yay). And I have to say, fairly impressed, he seems like he has it pulled together. And he actually TALKED to me about stuff, not just football, heck, I was the one talking about football. We will has potential.

So of course, in typical fashion, you know I met someone at a trade show. We hung out on Tuesday night. He lives in Florida, ladies and gentlemen, so don't get any ideas, but fun guy. Fun night, went to Buddy Guy's place, never been there. So Buddy Guy, thanks for a fun evening. And if you are wondering ladies and gentlemen, I am a lady (most of the time) and it was only drinks.

You know my track record with boomerang boyfriends, and so Baltimore is kind of back around, I mean, he still lives in Baltimore, and is not moving ever (because of a WHACKO ex-wife and kids, it's always something isn't it)... so long term potential is not there (since I want to move to AZ), but had a great phone conversation with him last night. I guess the part that I liked about it, he did most of the talking (which for those of you that know me, it quite a FEAT). He actually talked to me about important stuff, like his future career path, where he wants to go, his feelings on it, stuff about his kids and was great and I found it refreshing because he actually talked about stuff that was important to him, including his feelings on it (the only guy that has done that with me was HT)...And he didn't have an agenda, like he wasn't going to get me into bed later. Because he was 5 states over...

And I have said it a lot, but conversation seems to be a lost art these days, especially with men, and so Baltimore (I know you aren't reading this), thank you. It was great to talk to you (listen to you). Hopefully I will see you soon.

So Halloween is upon us ladies and for the LOVE OF PETE, keep it classy. Ladies, don't do the cliche thing and dress like a HO. Have fun, be cute, be sexy and keep it classy. And that also means, don't drink too much. And if you happen to be a member of my sorority and are currently in college, for the LOVE OF PETE, behave this weekend, I don't want to visit your chapter ;).

Happy Halloween and Cheers to the start of the FOOD holidays...Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Years, Chinese New Year...Here we go. Keep those calorie counters handy.


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