Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gentlemen Seriously...don't be a Chandler Bing

Or my favorite Mrs. Chanandaler Bong (for those that didn't watch Friends, that won't mean anything). Well this is a blog post for all of my gentlemen readers/fans. I hope you all remember the episode where Chandler goes out with Rachel's boss and he doesn't like her, but keeps ending the date with this statement "well, this is great, we should do it again. I'll call you". And then he has no intention of calling her...Well after my experience with the most recent doofus date, I thought I would share some thoughts based on that. Oh yes, we have a new inductee into the Dead to Me Hall of Fame, the Italian, who was briefly mentioned in a previous post. OK so here it goes...

For those of you that know me, you know that I am a fairly low maintenance, easy going date/girlfriend and honestly, I don't really want/need you to call me every day. But one thing annoys the CRAP out of me, gentelmen seriously, don't tell/text a girl that you will call her later, if you have no intention of calling. SERIOUSLY, so annoying. Just say talk to you soon. The Italian was REALLY good at telling me he could me later and never would. Don't be Chandler!

Additionally, gentlemen, ladies are planners. Don't be flaky about your plans, if you are going to make plans, keep them or be BLEEDING out of your eyes if you can't make it. The Italian would talk about getting together and then I would get a text message that he was going to bed...HUH? Seriously so annoying. I knew the man for a month and we went out twice, I think we had plans/tentative plans like 5-6 times.

And lastly, don't cancel via text message, so rude and annoying. Just shows me that you don't have the balls to call me to deliver the message. So gentlemn seriously, if you don't want to go out with a lady, or you don't want to call her, don't say that you will! Period. Don't be a Chandler Bing and don't be like the Italian.

And I guess you know precisely why the Italian is dead to me! Hope you all kept it classy this past weekend. Very bummed about the Husker loss yesterday...still can't win the big one. Thanks to my besties for hanging with me this weekend.



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  2. actually it's Ms.Chanandler Bong - not Mrs.

    I dont mean to be a geek or anything but there's a missing word in the last line of your 2nd para - " telling me he could ?_? me later " - i think the missing word is call.... but anywayz nice blog content - I love Friends - i have all season of Friends - actually i have a page on facebook related to Chandler - i am sure you will love it....

    herez the link to it