Monday, October 10, 2011

Ladies! Know your outfit limitations...

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Hope you all had a classy weekend. Hats off to my Huskers for their come from behind win over the Buckeyes and of course to the Sooners for their SMACK DOWN of the Cows of Texas (TU)... Well, I spent the weekend in lovely Iowa City, IA...yes the home of our new/old rivals, the Hawkeyes. Herky...what a silly name for a mascot. Anyway! I was going to visit some sorority women and was traveling with a group of FABULOUS alumane volunteer leaders.

As we were approaching our destination on campus, we encountered three different groups of women. And I have to be honest, I was appalled at their attire. EVERY SINGLE woman had on a short, tight skirt with a little tank top and 3 inch heels (OR those DAMN plastic flip flops). This is a COLLEGE town on a Friday night at 8 PM ladies. Where in the HECK are you headed? The divey sports bar downtown? The attire wasn't even appropriate for LA or NYC, let alone IOWA!...Another woman was dressed in SKIN TIGHT skinny jeans, with a top that hit her about mid-abs and 5 inch heels, I have to say she looked like she was going to be dancing "exotically" later...Just unbelievable. So it sparked a discussion that went further than, "just dress appropriately for your environment or destination". So my dear cute chapter sister offered the term...Know your outfit limitations!

1. If your skirt is so short that we might see your Britney, don't wear it. No one in public wants to see a whoo-whoo or butt cheeks.
2. If you bend over and someone can see your navel or your boobs, get some fashion tape or don't wear it.
3. By the same token, if you bend over and someone can see your thong, change your underwear, pants or just don't wear it.
4. If you went you walk past a mirror, you can see any part of your underwear, change the outfit or change the underwear.
5. If you find yourself constantly adjusting your outfit because it is too low cut, you don't have the right undergarments on OR it simply does not fit you, don't wear it.
6. If you can't sit or stand for ANY length of time in your outfit, don't wear it.
7. And lastly and simply, if you are uncomfortable in your outfit, don't wear it.

Be aware of the message you are sending to the world in the outfit that you wear. And hey I am ALL for confidence and being your own person, but you need to be prepared for the reaction you will receive, should you choose to dress inappropriately.

I used this quote this weekend...What we say and what we do define who we are...and how we dress adds into this. Perception is reality ladies and gentlemen, seriously! If you are perceived as a certain stereotype based on how you are dressed, even if you are not that way, you will be treated that way. SO I guess the best message ladies is to dress the way that you want to be perceived. Do you want to be a Jennifer Aniston or a Ke$ha? was an eye-opening experience. Perhaps I am getting too old and fuddy, duddy...I don't know. So, ladies and gentlemen, seriously, have a fabulous, classy week. Me, still looking for a job and looking for love, if you know of either that are available, certainly hit me up.


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