Thursday, August 13, 2009

Alcohol, the cause of and solution to all of life's problems

Great quote from none other than Homer Simpson. And AH, it is so true. Being involved with Gamma Phi Beta at this time of year reminds of thousands of college women going back to campus. And what do those fond memories of college bring? Memories of great friends, great times and great parties, right? Back in those days great parties sometimes involved alcohol, but usually just involved great times. These days those great parties always involve alcohol and honestly, it is usually a large amount of alcohol. To the point that it is frightening how much alcohol college women (and all women for that matter) consume these days.

While my BF was here, she told me a story about going to a bar for a bachelorette party in the lovely state of Texas. At said bar, women were 1/2 naked, dirty dancing and kissing on each other. Smiles comment was, "is this how it is now?" Sadly, it is true. Binge drinking and girls gone wild is the norm. Besides ignorance, being out of control drunk is the epitome of classlessness.

Last weekend, while a group of us were out at a lounge, our chairs were close to the window and we witnessed a young woman in a cab, who had to have her cab driver pull over while she opened the door and threw up. It was about 10 PM at night. NOW, hats off to her for getting in a cab to go home (presumably). But the fact that she was so drunk and had to throw up is not attractive.

I have witnessed countless examples like these where women are out of control due to too much alcohol. And hey, I understand, the majority of my socializing with my friends is surrounding alcohol, hanging at a bar, wine tasting, etc, but VERY rarely do I ever find myself out of control (taking the wine tasting event in March out of the equation, I was IN THE BAG (ITB) and am not proud of it).

Ladies seriously, being ITB and out of control is NOT being a lady or being classy. Plus being this out of control can lead to risky relationships, think going home with the WRONG guy. And while being half naked (or fully naked) and kissing on your girlfriend makes guys go wild, trust me, this is not the type of attention that you want. These guys will take advantage of the situation and they are NOT going to call the next day. AND, what if, pictures of your actions end of on FB and a future employer or family member saw them. Pictures exist in cyberspace FOREVER!

So ladies, go out, have fun, meet guys, laugh, dance, drink, be merry, but keep it in control! Pace yourself, Ice Cube says life ain't a track meet, it's a marathon. It is no fun to go out and then have to come home in an hour or two because you are too drunk. And for crying out loud, don't drive if you have had too much.

Have a fun and safe weekend. Cheers and CIAO BELLAS.

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