Monday, August 24, 2009

This Kiss, This Kiss

Great song by a beautiful woman...Faith Hill. Ok, let's talk about kissing, baby! The good and the bad. Guys seriously, ask any female you know the following questions:
1. Who was your best FIRST kiss?
(JZZRGRL answer: CTB, at my front door in February 2005)
2. Who was your WORST kiss?
(JZZRGRL answer: In 2001, the fireman in the front seat of his truck and there was a lot of teeth in it)
3. Who would want to kiss forever or for hours?
(JZZRGRL answer: SIGH...don't like to talk about that one, I'll just say Dallas and say nothing more)

I'll bet, that these questions will be answered quickly, with specific names, dates, locations and possibly what she was wearing...every single time. SO, take this hint, gentlemen...ladies remember kissing almost more than they remember the other stuff that many times goes with kissing, so you might want to pay attention.

Remember the episode, Brad the Bad Kisser on Sex in the City, where Charlotte had a date with the guy that was a bad kisser. And she tried to train him on how to be a good kisser, but he just reverted back to his old ways? Then she yelled at him and said you are a BAD KISSER! And the guy responds with this "What? It's my thing." Ladies and gentlemen! If your date tells you that you need work on your kissing, please take their advice. Let the person help you...unless he/she, of course, is a bad kisser as well. Because here is the thing, if a lady likes to kiss you, gentlemen, it might just lead to other things that you are looking for...

Being the old softie and sometimes romantic (I know I don't tell anyone!), kissing is VERY important to most females and is much more intimate than sex (trust me, I had an EX that didn't like to kiss me, but he sure wanted to do other things). So ladies seriously (and gentlemen), you might want to brush up on your skills..practice, practice, practice...on melons if needed or I don't know make out with your pillow like you did at your junior high slumber parties. :) Because a great kiss leaves a much bigger impression that great sex!

Cheers and CIAO BELLAS.

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