Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Friends that happen to be men!

So one of my previous boyfriends told me I needed to make my blog more positive about men. Not sure that writing positive things about guys is AS fun, but here is goes, we will try it once! So I have been on the online dating sites, yes, match.com and eharmony.com and both of them didn't really work for me. I did date someone from match.com for a bit and eharmony just sucked. I never had a decent date from that one, but anyway. One of the first questions that I asked any potential date is if he has a problem with the fact that two of my best friends are guys and I have about 5-6 GOOD guy friends. In fact, in high school, one of my best friends was a guy as well. Guess I am just one of those girls that likes being friends with men. And, keep in mind, the majority of them have girlfriends or wives.

Here is the deal...if a guy has a problem with the fact that I have a lot of guy friends, in my book (or blog), then he is kicked to the curb. Usually this means that he has some insecurity issues and who wants to deal with that crap. Let me share two good guy friend stories with you. I have a good friend, who just moved to the freakin suburbs, but that is another blog subject. We will call him Jay...he and I have been friends since 1994! And every single GF that he had previously HATED me because they always assumed that something was going on with us (we NEVER dated, always friends). And even his GF that he had WHILE I was married didn't like me. ANYWHOO, Jay met this FAB woman through match.com and when I met her I knew she was the ONE because she had so much confidence and was fine with the fact that Jay had a lot of female friends. They are married now and I adore BOTH of them, in fact, I tell Jay all the time that I like his wife better than him.

STORY TWO, last December I started dating someone that I had known for a while, we will call him JG. He was in the midst of a divorce and figured out he was not quite ready for a relationship, ended being a JERK on Valentine's Day and we basically broke up. BUT, to JG's credit, he admitted his issues, apologized and we are good friends now. In fact, I completely enjoy hanging out with him because he totally gets me (ie. he knows I am neurotic and an alcoholic!)

Both of my best guy friends have GF's and both of them are pretty OK with me. In fact, one of them loans out her BF to me as my PLUS ONE date at weddings! Thank you, dear. And I have been on the other side, one of my good guy friends in high school dumped me because his STOOPID GF had a problem with it. Whatever!

So here's the scoop, ladies seriously, if you are a female that has a lot of guy friends, your significant other BETTER BE OK with it. Don't sever those ties because your guy is insecure. AND GUYS, man up, just because your girl has guy friends, that doesn't mean she is secretly in love with them or sleeping with them. I absolutely ADORE my guy friends...all of you, you know who you are! You all keep me in line when I become a hysterical female (and yes it does happen, not VERY often though).

Cheers and CIAO BELLAS!

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