Saturday, August 1, 2009

Once a cheater, always a cheater!

Reporting to you live from lovely Omaha, Nebraska, site of my 20 year high school reunion. So crazy to see people that you haven't seen in 20 years. Anyway, thought it was time to talk about men with girlfriends and wives (there were many there last night SANS GF or spouse). The title of today's blog always reminds me of Rachel on Friends...So hear me now, ladies, if you suspect that a guy whom is either hitting on you OR possibly whom you have gone out with a few times, is married or has a GF. HE PROBABLY DOES!

Case in point, a couple of months ago, I was at a wine tasting event and met this great looking guy, we will call him Napa (YES, he is bald, so you know I liked him) who was a wine representative for one of the wineries at the event. We struck up a conversation and it obvious that there was flirting going on between both us (yes, I was flirting). We discussed that he had been in Chicago recently and so I gave him my card and told him to give me a shout to if he is ever in Chicago again. He called me that night and we ended up having a "mini-date" at the airport. He continued to contact me throughout the next week. And there was some suggestive flirting going on over text message. But I started to have a sneaking suspicion that something weird was going on, like he probably had a GF.

SO I did the thing that any self respecting, single woman would do...I found him on FB. And his profile pic was of him and a very cute girl. NOW, I know what some of you are saying, oh, it could be a friend or a sister...REALLY, COME ON LADIES, single guys do not put pictures on FB with a friend or sister. And yes, I know it was a bit childish to confirm my suspicions on FB and I should have just asked him. But anyway, I friended him and he sends me a message might have noticed that my profile pic, I JUST started dating someone. COME ON! If you are busted, fess up. So I totally called him out on it, and said I figured out you had a GF a while ago and I think you have been dating a little longer than a few weeks. So he finally fessed up.

Ladies, seriously, I don't understand men (or women for that matter) who cheat on a GF or BF (and yes, I know Napa didn't cheat on his GF technically). I mean, you are only dating and aren't married, so if you want to date someone else, BREAK UP! It shouldn't be that difficult and if you feel like you need to cheat, then the person you are with...might not be the right person. And ladies, don't date a guy with a GF, how would you like to be the girl on the other side. And if he is willing to cheat on his GF, then he is probably a total jerk and you don't need him.

And let me just say this about married guys, ladies seriously, don't date them. I know he may be fabulous, but trust me, you wouldn't like him as much if he wasn't married, that is part of the allure of married guys. And he isn't going to leave his wife and kids for you and don't you deserve someone who wants to make you number one and not number two OR three OR four?

So my advice for the weekend, ladies, seriously, find a guy who doesn't have a GF or wife (and if you could find one with an ex-wife, that is a bonus). Trust your gut, if you suspect a guy has a GF or wife, he probably doesn't and don't convince yourself otherwise. You are beautiful, intelligent women and deserve to be number one!

Cheers and CIAO BELLAS!

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