Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Whoever said ignorance is bliss...was UMMM wrong!

Albert Einstein once said, two things are infinte, the universe and human stupidity and I am not sure about the universe. Great quote! So ladies, in many of my previous posts, I have talked about things that lack class, not dressing for your body type, or only communicating via TXT message, but there is one thing that takes the GRAND PRIZE for classlessness....drum roll, please! IGNORANCE. And I talking about the stupid things people say to others that show their utter lack of class. Here are a few examples that have been said....

Referencing a birth/bio parent as a child's REAL parent. I'm sorry, but biology does not necessarily make a parent a REAL parent. I have an absolutely beautiful adopted niece and nephew and let me tell you and many dear friends that have adopted children, TRUST ME, these people are these children's REAL parents.

Telling a black man that he is the whitest black man you have ever met or telling a black person that they speak well. Speak well for what? A human being? My very good friend is Haitian, yes, ladies and gentlemen, that means he is black. And people have said this to him. Guess what...he has no aspirations to be WHITE.

Asking someone, what are you? UMMM, I am a human being. I have another friend who is Portugese and people have asked her that. REALLY, if you really need to know, can you ask what is her nationality? But honestly, what possible difference can it make?

Assuming that someone who is from Poland or Mexico doesn't speak English. And then, if the person does have an accent or has a bit of trouble understanding English, to repeat your sentence VERY LOUDLY as if this is going to help!

Saying a stay at home MOM doesn't work. UMMM, she is the lowest paid person in America with the most rewarding job, kind of like teachers.

I could go on and on...assuming does what? Makes an A** out of ME and YOU. Stereotyping cultures and religions does the same thing. Ladies AND gentlemen seriously, think before you speak! Would you like someone to say any of these things to you? HOW HORRIBLE! I have friends of all kinds of cultures and religions, black, white, Japanese, Portugese, Italian, Jewish, etc and I cherish these relationships because it helps me learn, be a better person and most of ALL, be classy!

Ladies seriously, have some class, be a lady, treat everyone with respect and speak to them the way you would like to be spoken to. Don't say STOOPID S**T! And guess what if everyone followed this bit of advice the world would be a better place.

Cheers and CIAO BELLAS!

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